Army infantry training center in preparation for World War II

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Camp Fannin, Texas

Camp Fannin, Texas was an ARMY infantry training center used to train military recruits before going into war in World War II. If you were sent to this training facility between the years of 1943-1946, you may be able to find a friend you fought with or relatives or friends of that person. Find out more about upcoming reunions, events, and active members. Share old war memories, find out about an event you just can’t remember that happened in WWII, or just share the experiences you had in the army.

There have been few military facilities located in Texas that have made greater social and economic contributions than has Camp Fannin.

 Camp Fannin is a place where more than 200,000 young American men became Army Infantry Replacements between May 1943 and December 1945. When they had finished their training, these soldiers were assigned to serve in both theaters of war at places with names such as, Normandy, Malmedy, Remagen,, Bougaineville and many other sites of combat. Many became casualties.

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